Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Joseph King MP - A Political Reading List

The LSE has what is probably the most complete collection of Joseph King books outside of the British Library.  I need to update my literature listing to reflect my findings!

Two of Joseph King's books, nestled in the LSE library
(the rest are in the archives!)
King's first work in 1890 reflects his legal training, then in the early 1900s he has an electoral reform focus, then from 1918 there is a distinct interest in the Russian and German political situation, and then in the 1930s an interest in educational reform.

  • King, Joseph, The position and powers of the justice of the peace, 1890
  • King, Joseph, Electoral reform: an inquiry into our system of parliamentary representation, 1908
  • King, Joseph and Raffety, F.W., Our Electoral System: the demand for reform, 1912
  • King, Joseph, Filius nullius: nobody's child, 1913
  • King, Joseph, The Russian Revolution: the first year, 1918
  • King, Joseph, Three bloody men: Mannerheim, the butcher; Denikin, the K.C.B.; Koltchak, the bloody one, 1919
  • King, Joseph, Bolshevism and Bolsheivks: the history of the Russian socialist party called Bolsheviks, etc., 1919
  • King, Joseph, Soviets and Soviet government: how it arose in Russia, how it works there, etc., 1919
  • King, Joseph, Our policy towards Russia: what it has been and what it might be, 1919
  • King, Joseph, Why does killing go on in Russia?: a scathing exposure of the Allies' efforts to crush new Russia in the interests of capitalists and financiers, 1919
  • King, Joseph, Political crooks at the Peace Conference, 1920
  • King, Joseph, The collapse of Germany: the facts about reparations, 1923
  • King, Joseph, The Ruhr: the history of the French occupation of the Ruhr, its meaning and consequences, 1924
  • King, Joseph, The German revolution: its meaning and menace, 1933
  • King, Joseph, The new education, 1939
  • King, Joseph, The school-leaving age raised, 1939
  • King, Joseph, Invasion today, 1941

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