Saturday, 2 December 2017

Haslemere Educational Museum's Peasant Arts Christmas Card

Haslemere Educational Museum have made the bold step of printing a European Peasant Arts Collection Christmas card, of a slipware bowl from Germany.  It's a lovely festive card, which I hope they sell many of.  They are being sold in the museum shop at £4 for 10 cards.

Haslemere Museum Christmas Card, 2017
Slipware bowl from Germany

Haslemere Museum Christmas Card, 2017
Slipware bowl from Germany

Friday, 1 December 2017

Decorative Arts Society - Arthur Romney Green

The new issue of the Decorative Arts Society Journal, no. 41 (2017) includes a marvellous article by Neil Hyman on Arthur Romney Green 'Obscure Geometry: patterns of influence in the work of Arthur Romney Green'.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Neil during a number of his visits to Haslemere when he was researching this article including photographing the Arthur Romney Green (ARG) panelled oak chest at St Bartholomew's Church and visiting ARG's old workshop.  Both of which are shown in the article.  Neil believes that ARG's time in Haslemere had a significant influence on ARG's artistic style, which is a fascinating insight.

The Decorative Arts Society Journal 41, 2017

There is more on the Society and Journal, which is published annually, on their website here.

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