About Me

Since discovering that I lived in the middle of the site of a historic artistic community, I have been on a fascinating journey following the trail of the Haslemere peasant arts. A story that needs to be told! 

Standing on the shoulders of giants, with my 1991 school history prize proudly tucked under my arm, I am indebted to Jackie (of the Greenbushes workshop!) for lending me her 'bag of goodies' containing lots of painstaking research, the extremely helpful staff at my local museum, Haslemere Educational Museum, Mr MacGregor for taking time out from the garden to undertake family tree research, and to everyone that has come forward with additional information about the Peasant Arts.

I am very interested in any additional information anyone may have on this subject!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


NB. I'm not the Kate from Haslemere Museum!!
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