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Blount, Godfrey, The Science of Symbols: Setting Forth the True Reason for Symbolism & Ritual, A.C. Fifield, London, 1905

Blount, Godfrey, Arbor Vitae: a book on the nature and development of imaginative design for the use of teachers, handicraftsmen and others, A.C. Fifield, London, 1910

Green, Arthur Romney, Poems, The Astolat Press, Guildford, 1901

Hooper, Luther, Silk: its production and manufacture, Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, London, 1911

Hooper, Luther Weaving for Beginners, Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, London, 1919

Hooper, Luther, Hand-loom weaving, plain & ornamental, Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, London, 1920

Hooper, Luther Weaving with Small Appliances: Book 1 The Weaving Board, Sir Isaac Pitman, London, 1922
Book 2 Tablet Weaving
Book 3 The Table Loom

Hooper, Luther, The New Drawn Loom: its construction and operation described for the use of handicraft pattern weavers, Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, London, 1932
Part 2

King, Joseph, Electoral Reform, T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1908

King, Maude Egerton, My Book of Songs and Sonnets, Percival & Co., London, 1893

King, Maude Egerton Hine, Roundabout a Brighton Coach Office, London, 1896

King, Maude Egerton, Bread and Wine: A Story of Graubunben, The Riverside Press, Cambridge, 1902

MacDonald, Greville, A Treatise on the nose and its accessory cavitiesMacmillan, London, 1892

MacDonald, Greville Matheson, The Tree in the Midst: A Contribution to the Study of Freedom, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1904

MacDonald, Greville, The Religious Sense in its Scientific Aspect, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1904

MacDonald, Greville, The Ethics of Revolt, Duckworth, London, 1907

MacDonald, Greville, The Magic Crook, or, The stolen baby, The Vineyard Press, London, 1911

MacDonald, Greville, The Child's Inheritance: it's scientic and imaginative meaning, Smith, Elder & Co., London, 1910

MacDonald, Greville, Trystie's quest, or Kit, King of the Pigwidgeons, The Vineyard Press, 1912

MacDonald, Greville, Jack & Jill, a fairy story, J.M.Dent & Sons, London, 1913

MacDonald, Greville, The Sanity of William Blake, George Allen and Unwin, London, 1920



Peasant Arts Pamphlets - these are not online as far as I am aware
No.1. Nesting Boxes. By Joseph King
No.2. What is Art?  By Godfrey Blount

Peasant Arts Guild Papers - these are not online as far as I am aware

No.1. The Peasant Arts Fellowship
No.2. The Peasant Arts Museum.  By the Rev. Gerald S. Davies (Illustrated)
No.3. Education in the Village.  By Philip H. Wicksteed M.A.
No.4. The Withered Hand.  By Greville MacDonald, M.D.
No.5.  A Gravamen of Southern England. By Ashton Hilliers
No.6. "Please Remember the Garland." By Maude Egerton King
No.7. Are We Losing the Use of Our Hands?  By Sir Frederick Treves, Bart., G.C.V.O.
No.8. The Village and the Old Folk. By the Rev. A.H. Baverstock
No.9. First Public Meeting of the Peasant Arts Fellowship.
No.10 Our Experience of the Influence of Handicraft upon the Workers. By Ethel Blount and Maude E. King.
No.11. The Cause of the Evil.  By Godfrey Blount
No.12. The Condition of the Husbandman. By the Rev. A. H. Baverstock
No.13. Red & Green Revolution. By Maude Egerton King
No.14. The Fellowship and Machinery. By Greville MacDonald, M.D.
No.15. Rag-time & Ring-time. By Maude E. King
No.16. The Fairy Tale in Education. By Greville MacDonald, M.D.
No.17. The Two Ways of Building. By L. March Phillipps
No.18. My First Year's Work for the Peasant Arts Fellowship. By Kate Sperling
No.19. The Inspiration of Labour. By L. March Phillipps
No.20. The Woman's Part in Peasant Life. By Mary Mudie
No.21. Art and Religion. By Godfrey Blount
No.22. Character and Machinery. By Greville MacDonald, M.D.
No.23. Gothic Ruin and Reconstruction. By Maude Egerton King
No.24. The Fellowship and the Peace to Come. By Greville MacDonald, M.D.
No.25. Art and Life in a Northern Factory Town. By H.Barrett-Carpenter
No.26. The Miracle of St.Nicholas. By Greville MacDonald, M.D.
No.27. Pathos and Humour. By Rev. Canon Meyrick
No.28. Toys True and False. By Godfrey Blount
No.29. Responsibility and Revival. By Maude Egerton King
No.30. Sweden: A Country of Peasants. By Anna Barwell
No.31. Brown Furrows and Green Fields. By James A. Campbell

Online journal articles
The Artist, August 1901
Gregory, Edward W., ‘Home Arts and Industries’,The Artist: An Illustrated Monthly Record of Arts, Crafts and Industries (American Edition), Vol .31, No. 259 (Aug 1901), ,p137

The Craftsman, January 1902
Woolman, Mary Schenck, 'Revival of English Handicrafts, The Haslemere Industries', pp.25-32

The Craftsman, March 1906
Blount, Godfrey, 'Town or country, from the rustic renaissance',   pp. 819-823

The Craftsman, July 1907
Dick, Stewart, 'Our Home Department: Godfrey Blount's Free Hand Plaster Work for Interior Decoration' p.472- 477

The Craftsman, August 1907
Dick, Stewart, 'Handicrafts of English peasants at Haslemere', p.589-595

The New Freewoman, July 1st 1913
Blount, Godfrey, 'Towards Reconstruction', p.27-29

The New Freewoman, July 15th 1913
Blount, Godfrey, 'Religion and Make-Believe', p.51-53

The New Freewoman, August 15th 1913
Blount, Godfrey, 'Religion and Riches', p.91-93

Online Journal Snippets

Studio International Volume 11
'Studio Talk' p.110-113

Studio International Volume 17

'Home Arts and Industries' p105

Studio International Volume 20
'Home Arts and Industries' p80-81

Studio International Volume 29

'Studio Talk' p.125-126
Studio Volume 29

Studio International Volume 43
'Art School Notes'  p.341

Blanchon, H-L. Alphonse, 'The revival of the lesser arts in foreign countries',   p. 82

Stickley, Gustav, 'The annual Arts and Crafts Exhibition at the National Arts Club, New York',   p.475 & p.485
Correspondence, 'Virility on Women', p.216
"The Rustic Renaissance" by Godfrey Blount, book review, p. 4

Joseph King politics books (held at the London School of Economics)
The Russian Revolution: The First Year, Joseph King, Union of Democratic Control, April 1918

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