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Literature: An Overview

All of the five main members of the Peasant Arts movement published works:

Ethel Blount -

  • The Story of the Homespun Web - a Simple Guide to Spinning and Weaving (1910)
  • Our experience of the Influence of Handicraft upon the Workers, Ethel Blount and Maude E. King
  • Translated a chapter 'About Kickel, Who Went to Prison' in Rosegger, Forest Farm, Vineyard Press, 1912

Godfrey Blount - 
The majority are out of print but Arbor Vitae and The Science of Symbols are available at

  • Songs of the Sower (1898)
  • Arbor Vitae (1899)
  • The Founding of a Folk Church Being a Letter to the New Crusade
  • Our Daily Bread: A song with pictures (1898)
  • What is Art? (1899) Peasant Art Pamphlet
  • The Cross of the New Crusade
  • The Gospel of Simplicity: a plea for country life and handicrafts (1903)
  • The Rustic Renaissance (1905) Simple Life Series no. 21
  • For Our Country’s Sake
  • Unemployment: Its Cause and Cure
  • The Country Prayers
  • Vine and Fig Tree
  • The Cause of the Evil
  • Art and Religion
  • A New Crusade: an appeal (1903)
  • The Science of Symbols (1905) 
  • The Motto of the New Crusade
  • The Spirit of the New Crusade
  • Gifts of St Nicholas: a study in toys (1911)
  • The Blood of the Poor: An introduction to Christian social economics (1911)
  • Toys, True and False

Joseph King - 
None of King's works appear to be in circulation.  According to the Hilltop Writers (W.R.Trotter, The Hilltop Writers, The Book Guild Ltd, 2003) Joseph King was the author of:
  • The School Manager (1903)
  • Electoral Reform: An Inquiry into our System of Parliamentary Representation, T. Fisher Unwin (1908)
  • Chapter 1. Houses, The Management of Private Affairs, King, Bigham, Gwyer, Cannan, Bridge & Latter, Claredon Press (1908)
  • Filius Nullius (Nobody's Child) (1913) A pamphlet
  •  The Russian Revolution: The First Year, Pamphlet, (January 1918)
    Soviets and Soviet Government, How it Arose in Russia, How it Works There, How it has been Imitated Elsewhere, and the Chances of Success for Soviets in Other Countries, Pamphlet (1919)
     Russia and her allies: An account of British policy towards Russia, and of the military intervention of the allies, against the Soviet government, with…now ranged against it, Pamphlet (1919)

    The collapse of Germany (1923)
  • Peasant Arts (1927)
  • The German revolution, its meaning and menace, Williams and Norgate, 1933

    Invasion today, Watts & Co. (1941)

Maude Egerton King - 
  • Poems (1885)
  • My Books of Songs and Sonnets (1893)
  • Roundabout a Brighton Coach Office (1896)
  • Bread and Wine: A Story of Graubunben (1902)
  • The Country Heart and Other Stories (1911)
  • Mrs Everywoman's Thoughts Today (1943)
  • A Cottage Calendar (editor)
  • The Christmas Tree.  A tale (1898)
  • The Conversion of Miss Caroline Eden (1900)
  • Studies in Love. Tales (1900)
  • Gothic Ruin and Reconstruction (1910)
  • The Country Heart and ther stories (1911) 
  • How the Children Met the Three Kings.  A little Christmas play for home or school acting (1912)
  • Our experience of the Influence of Handicraft upon the Workers, Ethel Blount and Maude E. King
  • Translation and appreciation in Rosegger, Forest Farm, Vineyard Press, 1912

Greville MacDonald - 
Greville's works varied widely from a few medical books, to ethical issues and fairy tales.
  • On the Respiratory Functions of the Nose and Their Relation to Certain Pathological Conditions (1889)
  • The Tree in the Midst: A Contribution to the Study of Freedom (1904)
  • The Religious Sense in its Scientific Aspect (1904)
  • The Child's Inheritance: Its Scientific and Imaginative Meaning (1910)
  • The Sanity of William Blake (1920)
  • The North Door: A Romance (1920)
  • George MacDonald and his Wife (1924)
  • Children and the Stress of Life (co-authored with Helen Gibb, 1929)
  • Reminiscences of a Specialist (1932)
  • The Ethics of Revolt
  • How Jonas Found His Enemy
  • A Treatise on Diseases of the Nose and Its Accessory Cavities 
Fairy tales:
  •  Count Billy
  • The Magic Crook Or the Stolen Baby (1911)
  • Trystie's Quest or Kit, King of the Pigwidgeons (1912)
  • Jack and Jill (1913)


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  2. For Greville MacDonald's fairy books? They are illustrated by Arthur Hughes


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