Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Timeline of Peasantry

Arbor Vitae, Godfrey Blount, 1899

1894 Wheel and Spinners Guild founded at Upper Birtley, Witley
1894 Haslemere Weaving Industry founded – weaving house in Foundry Meadow (now Kings Road) established by Joseph King
1896 Peasant Art Society founded; outlet selling the goods in London
1896? Peasant Tapestry Industry founded by the Blounts in Foundry Meadow
1899 Arbor Vitae published by Godfrey Blount – providing a traditional design basis for the practice or teaching of handicrafts
1900 Fellowship of the New Crusade founded by Godfrey Blount – preaching simple life and the revival of handicrafts, folk music and dance and the restoration of country ways and customs 
Weaving room, Haslemere, Studio International, Vol 43, February 1908

1901 Green Bushes Weaving Houses (in Foundry Lane) opened by Luther Hooper
1902 St Cross School of Handicraft established in Weydown Road by the Blounts
1905 Peasant Arts Society begins forming its own museum
1908 Country shop of the Peasant Arts Society opened in Haslemere
1909 Gerald Davies Peasant Arts collection purchased by the Peasant Arts Society

Arbor Vitae, Godfrey Blount, 1899

1910 The Vineyard magazine launched edited by Maude Egerton King
1910 Peasant Arts Museum opens at The Pavement, Haslemere High Street
1911 Peasant Art Fellowship – to send ‘missionaries’ to country schools to teach spinning, weaving and vegetable dyeing
1912 Peasant Arts Museum moves to Foundry Meadows (now 38-40 Kings Road)
1916 Peasant Art Guild – the Peasant Art Society and Peasant Art Fellowship merged
1916? Peasant Arts Guild advert lists Peasant Arts Guildroom, Library, Peasant Arts School of Spinning, Weaving and Vegetable Dyeing and Peasant Arts Industry and School of Toy-making
1926 Haslemere Educational Museum takes over the Peasant Arts Museum collection
1927 Maude Egerton King dies
1927 Supernatural Society founded by Godfrey Blount – to fight materialism with Christianity and simple living
1927 Haslemere Weaving Industry closed
1933 Peasant Arts Society disbanded by Joseph King

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