Saturday, 23 April 2011

Our Daily Bread by Godfrey Blount

A perfect Easter poem / song by Godfrey Blount.  I think the version of this song that was published in The Vineyard had pictures, seeing as it is subtitled 'a song with pictures', but I have not seen them!  Having said that, I've just found an illustration for The Song of the Sower and added it to the previous post.  This song and the The Song of the Sower, were both printed on large hymn sheets that are somewhere between A3 and A4 size.  I presume that both of these songs were sung by the congregation of The Country Church, the church that Blount established.  

When the seeds are sown
  They quicken all together,
In soothing showers, and sun,
  And wind and wintry weather.

When the green blades sprout
  From their purple prison,
Little song-birds shout,
  “Jesus Christ is risen.”

When kind people walk
  Where the corn is yellow,
Every sturdy stalk
  Stoops to kiss his fellow.

When the harvest heaves
  With many a golden gable,
All shock-headed sheaves
  Praise God who spreads the table.
from Blount, Godfrey, Arbor Vitae, Fifield, 1899

Give us this day our daily bread,
  And daily honest labour,
That every creature may be fed,
  And learn to love its neighbour.

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