Sunday, 21 August 2011

Peasant Index - order to the chaos

When I started writing this blog, the thought of anyone other than myself or family under duress looking at it had not crossed my mind!  My posts probably appear chaotic to anyone except me, and therefore to give some order to everything I have just added a new page to the blog, an index.

I hope visitors find it helpful.

by Godfrey Blount,
from Arbor Vitae, Arthur Fifield, 1899


  1. Your index is a brilliant idea! Thank you for making it easier to navigate your blog. Hopefully the Book of the Blog will follow one day....?

  2. Thanks. It would be nice to think that this fascinating movement had a nice book all about it someday, that did justice to them and raised their profile slightly higher than their current "never heard of them" status!


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