Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Flotilla of Peasant Boats

from Godfrey Blount's Arbor Vitae, Fifield, 1910, 3rd edition 

Godfrey Blount wrote in Arbor Vitae "Think of all that a boat, for instance, ought to mean to man.  He fishes from it; it is the faithful charger he trusts himself to on the deceitful sea.  It is built like a swan or duck, as buoyant as they and, like them, as simple in curve as the elements it contends with, sweeping wind and crested wave.  It is an argo, type of noble discovery and venture, for which heroes leave their homes and embark to face unknown seas, monsters of one-eyed prejudice, procrastinating harpies, irresolute whirlpools, and scornful incredulity, to search for fleeces of gold, balmy Amercias, new kingdoms, or old truths."

Blount's depiction of boats remains similar throughout his works.

Design for a Bookplate by Godfrey Blount,
The Artist, September 1897

'The Deep Sea' Peasant Tapestry Wall-Hanging, designed by Godfrey Blount,
Studio International, vol 29

'The Lonely Boat' designed by Godfrey Blount, Peasant Tapestry for
the centre of bed spread, from The Artist, November 1897

Drawing of 'Applique work designed by Godfrey Blount, executed by the class'
Studio International, vol 11-13

Oak wall bracket by Mrs Blount, with curtain of peasant tapestry designed by Godfrey Blount
from The Artist, November 1897

Drawing of 'Applique work portiere, designed by Godfrey Blount,
executed by Kate Shawyer, Haslemere' from
Studio International, vol 11-13

from Arbor Vitae (ibid)

from Arbor Vitae (ibid)

from Arbor Vitae (ibid)

from Arbor Vitae (ibid)


  1. A lovely collection of Blount`s boats. This makes me wonder even more if he kept in contact with AR Green, who made beautiful wooden boats in his Christchurch workshops?

  2. Thanks. These boats are intriguing, all drawn to such a similar design, which I really don't understand what they reference, like the eye on the bow of a number of the boats. I cannot think of another man-made object that Godfrey Blount draws in his designs, everything else is animals and plants apart from the boats. It does make you wonder about AR Green.


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