Thursday, 24 May 2012

Godfrey Blount overmantle in Haslemere

Godfrey and Ethel Blount are recorded as living on Weydown Road, Haslemere in 1911 at a house called St Cross.  There is currently another house on Weydown Road, Whitethorns, to let which describes in it's particulars "Built in 1902, during the Arts and Crafts period, the property has been extended and modernised in recent years to provide a substantial and comfortable family home. Internally, the property displays a number of characteristics typical of the period, chief of which is enormous attention to detail. The attractive use of exposed timber beams, inglenook style fireplaces and panelled walls in the reception lobby recall the English vernacular style, in addition to ledged oak doors with Suffolk latches and high quality joinery throughout. The element most strongly associating the property with the Arts and Crafts movement in and around Haslemere is the fireplace in the reception hall, with its superb 
moulded plaster overmantle by Godfrey Blount."  
Godfrey Blount overmantle at Weydown Road, Haslemere

The 6 bedroom house is to let for £5,500 per month.  It is possible to see the overmantle in one of the 
photographs, but it is not easy to make out the detail.  It looks like a tree or frond arching pattern.
Godfrey Blount overmantle,
Weydown Road, Haslemere

With 6 bedrooms, a tennis court and 1.5 acres, I wonder if this house is typical of the supporters of the Peasant Arts movement.  
Arts and Crafts house containing Godfrey Blount plasterwork,
Weydown Road, Haslemere

It is interesting to see that Godfrey Blount did work in one of his neighbour's houses.  As there is no plasterwork at Wildwood, the home of Greville MacDonald, a great friend and fellow Peasant Art supporter who lived next door to the Blounts, I had not thought that there would be Blount plasterwork in other neighbouring houses.  I wonder how many other Haslemere houses have uncharted Blount plasterwork?  

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