Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Peasant Arts Society Shop, Haslemere

I have not conclusively identified the site of the Peasant Arts shop that had the address of No. 1 The Pavement in Haslemere High Street.  There is no shop on the High Street that looks the same as the shop in the old photograph below kindly supplied by Sarah from the Weaving House.  Note the Three Shuttle weaving sign hanging outside the shop.

Peasant Arts Society shop,
No. 1 The Pavement, High Street

The closest looking shop is now Gascoigne Pees on the High Street, although the upper level is not tiled, the door frame is more deeply set and the door itself is of a different design.   The shops a few doors away have the same tiled upper level, but different and much lower windows.  My daughter found the window display of the estate agents less interesting than the girl in the old photograph, the Haslemere Sweet Shop a few doors away however was of great interest.

The site of the Peasant Arts Society shop in Haslemere?


  1. I wonder if the current owners of the building have the deeds, which would tell you who had owned it since 1900. That might give a clue as to who may have given a traditional Surrey half tile building a Mock Tudor Makeover. The proportions of the two buildings look right, although the details of style are so different.

    I wonder who the original little girl was and what she was looking at?

  2. Thanks, yes I think I'll have to speak to the owners. Sarah has kindly shared a link to a Francis Frith picture of the High Street, and the mock tudor, and the front door were there in 1928.

    It would be nice to think that the little girl was Katherine King, or Kitty as she was known, Joseph and Maude King's daughter, the only offspring from the three families. Those who knew her in later life said she was 'round'! I think it's unlikely to be the monied Kitty in the photo however.


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