Thursday, 23 August 2012

Peasant Art Trail, Haslemere Heritage Weekend, 9th Sept 2012

In conjunction with the forthcoming Heritage Open Days, I will be leading a Peasant Art Trail on Sunday 9th September at 2.30pm.  The walk is listed in the Haslemere Heritage Open Days leaflet.

The walk will be around Haslemere's Arts and Crafts buildings located on the Kings Road, Foundry Lane and Longdene Road, all of which are closely linked with the works of the Peasant Arts movement that I detail on this blog.  The trail will begin in St Christophers Church, that I have also written on in this blog, which is a fine example of the Arts and Crafts movement.  The trail will be a repeat of the two Peasant Arts Walks that I ran in May 2012 for the Haslemere Society.

Haslemere Heritage Weekend 9th September 2012
Peasant Art Trail details

Fingers crossed I have some people to take on my trail!


  1. Another Kate here, from not so distant Farnborough. I'm fast becoming a big fan of your blog! Unfortunately arthritis determines I'm unable to walk any great distances otherwise I'd be one definite candidate for the trail!

    I'm not sure if this helps any, but I did a quick search of the BMD register earlier and 'think' I may have found the registration of death for Ethel Blount? You may, of course, already have the relevant information, but if you don't I'd be happy to forward it to you - I'm not sure where too though!

  2. Hi Kate!

    Thanks for your comments. Shame you can't make the walk. I have some information on Ethel Blount and Greville MacDonald, which is on the MacDonald Haslemere Peasant Arts family tree at, this has Greville on the Death Index in 1944.

    I don't think I have either of the documents you refer to though? It would be great if you could share them with me. My e-mail is

    It sounds like you're a good investigator. I'd really love to get hold of James Blunt's dad if you could manage that! Godfrey Blount was his great, great uncle (I think that's enough greats).


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