Sunday, 9 September 2012

Peasant Art Trail, Thank you

Thanks to everyone who came along this afternoon to the Peasant Art walk.  I hope you found it interesting.  Public speaking is not my favourite thing as you may have noticed!  Frankie Gaiter was as always a wealth of information on St Christopher's Church.  The refreshments and photographs and literature at the Weaving House were a lovely surprise.

Here is some information that we referred to during the afternoon which may be of interest:

- Alec Hamilton's excellent (2009) overview sheet of Charles Spooner, the architect of St Christopher's Church, Haslemere is online here.   I understand that Alec's soon to be published book on Charles Spooner is at the printers (it seems to have been there for a few months!)

- the watermill which according to Luther Hooper (Art Journal, 1911) was on the site of the now St George's flats on Kings Road, Haslemere was pictured in Tim Winter's Around Haslemere (Tempus Publishing Limited, 2002).  There are a few more details on my post A Historic Walk Down Kings Road
Puttick's Mill Foundry
from Winter, Tim, Around Haslemere,
Tempus Publishing Limited, 2002

- Francis Troup's country house masterpiece, Sandhouse (now Kingswood) in Sandhills, a few miles outside of Haslemere, near the village of Brook.  As you can see, it was quite a bit grander than the buildings we looked at today.  There is some more information on Troup in my Architecture: Francis W. Troup post.  There are a number of photographs of his works in RIBA's Francis Troup archive.

Sandhouse by Francis Troup, 1910
Built for Joseph & Maude Egerton King

- the Arthur Romney Green bookcase currently for sale in Yorkshire is here.  The top of the spindles is similar to the altar chair at St Christopher's Church.

Bookcase by Arthur Romney Green


  1. So pleased to hear that your Peasant Walk went well. I wish we could have joined you again.

    The ARG bookshelf is lovely.

  2. The Peasant Walk may become a regular Haslemere Heritage Weekend event, if I'm game to do it again. I've done it 3 times this year (twice with the Haslemere Society), so I think I need a little break from it!

    The ARG bookshelf is really nice. It incorporates so many ARG details in one piece, and compared to the price of some of his other works seems quite a 'bargain'!


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