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Arts & Crafts Exhibitions & Haslemere's Peasant Arts connections

I have not seen a comprehensive listing of the works displayed at the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society by the Haslemere Peasant Arts artists, so I have compiled one (I did not look beyond 1935).

First to see the wood for the trees, it is interesting to just look at the statistics.  Godfrey Blount and Ethel Blount had their works shown at only two Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society exhibitions, the 1896 and 1899 exhibitions.  Some of those works involved Maude Egerton King.  I wonder whether they choose not to exhibit at further exhibitions, and if so why, or were their works not accepted by the Society for later exhibitions?

Number of items exhibited at Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society exhibitions
by artists linked to the Haslemere Peasant Arts movement

F.W.Troup who built numerous houses and the Weaving House and Tapestry Studio on Kings Road, was the first artist to exhibit at the Arts and Crafts exhibitions in 1899.  Troup was first listed as a Society member in 1903 and continued to exhibit until 1931.

In 1896 five works were exhibited by Godfrey Blount in association with the Haslemere movement.

Arnold Dolmetsch also first exhibited in 1896, although he was not based in Haslemere until later, becoming an Honorary Member in 1931.

The Blounts continued to exhibit in 1899, with one piece being individually attributed to Ethel Blount.

In 1903 Edmund Hunter first exhibited his works of the St Edmundsbury Weavers, then Haslemere based, whose work was on display in St Christopher's Church, Haslemere and continued to exhibit until the 1916 exhibition.

Arthur Romney Green's work was first exhibited in 1906 when he was based in Foundry Meadow on Kings Road, in later years such as 1912, he exhibited prolifically and was first listed as a Society member in 1916.

Luther Hooper, based a few hundred metres away from Arthur Romney Green in Foundry Meadow also began exhibiting in 1906.  It is interesting that Hunter, Green and Hooper were all exhibiting in 1906, and that their work was around that time seen altogether within St Christopher's Church, Haslemere in the form of a woven hanging, altar chair and table, and wool and silk curtains respectively.

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