Thursday, 14 March 2013

Arthur Romney Green's mirror for his Sister-in-Law

Along with the chair and table currently for sale by Arthur Romney Green at Haslam & Whiteway, there is also this lovely dressing table mirror (or certainly that is what I would call it).  This was another piece owned by Arthur Grogan, the curator at Standen, the Arts and Crafts National Trust house, described in his obituary as "a discerning collector of late 19th century British works of art and craftsmanship, an authority on the Arts and Crafts movement and a benefactor of public collections in Britain" (Obituary, The Guardian, 27 October 2011).

Arthur Romney Green mirror c.1920
for sale at Haslam & Whiteway

I understand from Haslam & Whiteway that numerous Arthur Romney Green items from Arthur Grogan's collection have been sold by them since October 2011, and that they were involved in Arthur Grogan's original purchase of the items from William Curtis Green's widow, Gwen Curtis Green.   That Arthur Grogan collected Arthur Romney Green's work is testament to the quality of his craftmanship.  William Curtis Green was Arthur Romney Green's brother, an architect who amongst other works designed The Dorchester Hotel in London.  Gwen was his second wife after William was widowed in the early 1930s.

Despite the difficulties in the family, caused by Arthur Romney Green leaving his wife and daughter for a married woman, it is interesting that his brother had so much of his furniture, and a piece like this which must have been used by his wife, was still used.  Perhaps it was a wedding gift, or maybe as it is dated c.1920 and they married in 1936, the mirror was an older piece from William Curtis Green's first wife.

The geometric shaping is trademark Arthur Romney Green.

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