Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Song of Spring by Maude Egerton Hine

From Poems (Hine, Maude Egerton, Privately Printed, 1885), a collection of poems printed when Maude was just 18 years old.

Old bramley tree, in what was once Foundry Meadow, Haslemere

"It is the time of all things gay and green,
A-down the sun-rays slips a showeret clear,
And twigs and stalks and most bare things are seen
To bud beneath the young sun o' the year.

And on the hill a light wind is at play,
Kissing the young-eyed daisies here and there;
And far above the dear Earth in her May
A raptured bird thrills the ecstatic air."

Poems by Maude Egerton Hine, 1885

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