Friday, 18 April 2014

Good Friday by Katharine Tynan

In the first April edition of The Vineyard (April 1911), there was a significant focus in the articles on Easter.  A relevant poem for today, is this from Katharine Tynan (p.480).

Good Friday, from a picture by Arthur Hughes
The Vineyard, April 1911

Good Friday is a heavenly day,
So bright, so fair, so still,
They slay the King of all the world
On a high hill.

The birds sing sweet and low,
With a most quiet mirth,
They scoop a hollow grave for Him,
The holiest head on earth.

Good Friday is a heavenly day,
New lights on earth and sky,
The day the Saviour of us all
Went forth to die.

Sweetly it rose and fell,
So calm, so light, so grave.
Christ Jesus, sacrificed for men,
Died - and forgave.

The Vineyard, April 1911

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