Saturday, 10 May 2014

Renovating the Three Shuttles Weaving Sign

An old original Haslemere weaving sign was re-discovered in the archives at Haslemere Educational Museum a few years ago.  It was restored and is now on display in the Haslemere Peasant Arts section of the museum.   The sign was renovated by Ian Clark Restoration, who share some photographs of the sign before and after restoration on their website here.  They state "ICR was contacted to conserve this rare survivor of wrought iron folk art.  The ironwork and remains of the original decorative scheme was sensitively cleaned, consolidated and conserved."

Restoration of Haslemere's Three Shuttles sign

Restored Three Shuttles sign on display at
Haslemere Educational Museum
There are a number of old photographs which show the sign outside of various Haslemere buildings.  I wonder which building the restored sign once hung outside?

Weaving Sign, Kings Road from Winter and Collyer, Around Haslemere and Hindhead in Old Photographs, Alan Sutton Publishing, 1991
The Three Shuttles sign hanging outside
The Weaving House, Kings Road, Haslemere
The Three Shuttles sign
hanging somewhere in Haslemere?
reproduced courtesy of Haslemere Educational Museum

The Three Shuttles sign hanging outside
Peasant Arts Society Shop,
No. 1, The Pavement, High Street


  1. It's good to hear that it has been restored and is on display again. It certainly got about in Haslemere when it was in use.

  2. What an interesting restoration. I wonder if a local blacksmith made the sign and who designed it ( Blount maybe?)?

  3. Thank you. I believe that there were a number of copies of the sign, because yes it seemed to get about a bit! The museum I think has one of the copies, which I think is wooden. Where the sign came from, if it was in fact a number of hundred years old in c.1900, is a mystery.


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