Thursday, 5 June 2014

Peasant Houses for Sale

All of the Haslemere Peasant Arts houses and buildings that still exist today are now homes.  I don't have photographs of them in the present day on this website as I think it would be an invasion of privacy.  However at the moment, two of these houses are for sale and photographs of them are on the internet.  For a rather unpeasant-like sum you could purchase and relive the Peasant Arts days.

The Tapestry Studio/ The Peasant Arts Museum, Kings Road
Designed by Francis Troup.  Used as the Tapestry Studio c.1899-1912 when it then became the Peasant Arts Museum (1912-c.1925).

The Old Studio, Kings Road, Haslemere
for sale at Hamptons

The Tapestry Studio, Kings Road, Haslemere from Art Journal, 1906

Peasant Arts Museum, Haslemere (postcard)
reproduced courtesy of Haslemere Educational Museum

Lower Birtley
The first house that Joseph King and Maude Egerton King lived in after leaving London, they lived there c.1894-1901.  Work was exhibited at the 1896 Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society under the title "Lower Birtley Hand Weaving Industry' as detailed in my post here.  Lower Birtley consists of a number of houses grouped together.  I am not sure whether the house currently for sale is the same 'Lower Bertley' painted by Maude Egerton King's brother, William Egerton Hine, but I think it is.  It is probably the biggest house at Lower Birtley, and given the size of Sandhouse, their later house in Witley, it would appear that the Kings liked large houses.

Lower Birtley Farm, Grayswood
currently for sale with Hamptons

A House at Lower Bertley, Witley by William Egerton Hine, 1895

Lower Birtley Farm, Grayswood
currently for sale with Hamptons
extract of Arts and Crafts Exhibition Catalogue, 1896
showing the Lower Birtley Hand-weaving Industry

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