Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Peasants at War: Part 1 - Troubles will be over by 1915

With the current focus on the 100 year anniversary since the beginning of World War 1, I thought it would be interesting to see what was happening in Haslemere at that time.

The September 1914 issue of The Vineyard contained an inserted notice in red type:

"The Editorial Committee of the Vineyard regret that, owing to the instability of the condition of the country, they are compelled temporarily to suspend the publication of the Magazine.  They have, however, every hope of resuming the work in a considerably enlarged and improved form and with a wider appeal, with the beginning of next year.  This matter is dealt with more fully in the Editorial of the present issue.

Those whose subscriptions do not expire with this number are invited to let the fulfilment of our obligation to them stand over till the next time.  On the other hand, should they prefer to have the remainder of their subscriptions returned to them, they should apply to the Editor of the Vineyard, Sandhouse, Witley, Godalming."

Sadly, this was the last issue of The Vineyard that was ever published.

Notice from The Vineyard, September 1914

The Vineyard,  September 1914

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