Sunday, 26 October 2014

Godfrey Blount, Kirtlington Parish Council 1894

Godfrey Blount's second appearance in the national press seems to be in the reporting of the Kirtlington Parish Council election of 1894.  Blount's first appearance in the national press was in his 1891 letter to The Pall Mall Gazette on the Salvation Army riots posted on here.

The Oxford Journal (22nd December, 1894) reported for Kirtlington, Oxfordshire:

"Parish Council Election - At the poll on Monday the seven Progessives selected by the Working Men's Committee, and adopted by a majority at the Parish Meeting, were elected…A good deal of interest was taken in the proceedings, and the result was received with acclamation."  It appears that Godfrey Blount achieved the third highest vote and therefore was one of the seven Progressives elected.

Oxford Journal, 22nd December 1894

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