Thursday, 27 November 2014

Peasant Shopping - Part 2 - Christmas Cards

In Peasant Shopping - Part 1 we saw the Haslemere Peasants advertising their works as "beautiful and unusual Christmas gifts".  An interesting piece of promotion given the Peasant Arts movement opposition to commercialism.  The Vineyard in 1910 (No. 3) continued to promote some further Christmas purchasing choices for their readers.

The cards at 4p each translate to £4 each today.  A high end price for a card:

"Four of the illustrated Carols appearing in this Christmas number of THE VINEYARD are also published separately as Christmas Cards.

They are translations from old German and French sources by the Rev. R. L. Gales, and the illustrations are by the veteran artist Arthur Hughes.

Printed in red and black.
Price Fourpence each, with envelope.  Postage 1/2d each.

No. 1 
The Shepherds' Gifts,
A Noel from the German.

No. 2
An old Rhineland Volkslied.

No. 3
An old French Chanson

No. 4
The Bright Midnight,
A Gascon Noel.

The Cards may be had at the depots of The Peasant Arts Society: High Street, Haslemere, and 83 New Cavendish Street, London, W., or from the Publisher, Mr. A.C. Fifield, 13 Clifford's Inn, London, E.C."

from The Vineyard, 1910
No. 3

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