Sunday, 7 December 2014

Peasant Shopping - Part 4 - Sew Your Own Peasant Tapestry

In the Surrey Times (2 September 1899) they reported on the Haslemere Weaving Industry.  At this point we can see that there was no Peasant Shop in business in Haslemere.  In addition it appears that 'sew-your-own-kits' are not a new concept.  

The Tapestry Studio, Kings Road, Haslemere from
Art Journal, 1906

"The work is sold at the depot in London of the Peasant Arts Society, and is exhibited at the Arts and Crafts, Homes Arts, and other handcart exhibitions….Specimens of Peasant Tapestry will be on view at the Tapestry House daily where also orders can be received for finished work, or work prepared for those who desire to sew it themselves."

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