Sunday, 5 April 2015

An Easter Rhyme by Rev R.L. Gales April 1914

The Peasant Arts journal The Vineyard provides a number of Easter article choices.  Following on from my previous post from the Rev. R. L. Gales in April 1911, it is interesting to read his poem 3 years later that refers to the symbolism of the owl.

from Arbor Vitae, Godfrey Blount, 1899

"An Owl sat in an ivy bush,
ALamb hung on a tree,
For that ill fowl, the ancient Owl,
A goodly sight to see,
Whose eyes might mark in that fell dark
What deathly things might be.

On the third morn he Lamb was freed,
He stood all bright in a green mead,
In Daylight before day;
The ivy bush was cleft in twain,
Was riven and rent with might and main,
And the Owl fled away."

from Arbor Vitae, ibid.

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