Friday, 8 January 2016

Maude Egerton King - Obituary

On the 23rd April 1927 the Hull Daily Mail reported "Woman Author's Death":

"Haslemere, Saturday - The death took place at Haslemere of Mrs Maude Egerton King, wife of Mr Joseph King, formerly MP for North Somerset, in her 61st year.

"Mrs King was the youngest daughter of the late Mr Henry G. Hine, the well-known water-colour painter, and she married Mr King in 1887.  She was well known for her literary activities, and was prominently associated with the movement for the revival of peasant arts.  In 1894, Mrs King founded, in conjunction with her husband, the Haslemere weaving industry, where women workers are employed on hand looms, and for several years she was hon, secretary of the Peasant Arts Guild.

"In 1910 she founded the "Vineyard," a monthly magazine, and edited it for several years, and she was the author of several volumes of prose and verse."

The same article appeared in the Surrey Mirror.  The Gloucestershire Echo titled the article "Death of Mrs M. E. King, Reviver of Peasant Arts", the Western Daily Press "Her Work in Reviving the Peasant Arts" and the Derby Daily Telegraph "Her Interest in Peasant Arts".

Maude Egerton King's obituary,
Hull Daily Mail, 23 April 1927


  1. A very modest headstone. I have friends who collected watercolours by Fred Hine, so I presume he was also related to her?

  2. More great research-well done!

  3. Thank you both . I'm not sure about Frederick Hine, there was a brother called Frederick James Egerton Hine (1849-1936), but his paintings didn't form part of the 1988 Christie's Hine family sale and on the census he is described as a manager or furniture dealer. Their brother Harry Hine was a painter, and another brother William Egerton Hine.


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