Sunday, 13 March 2016

Maude Egerton King & the jocund daffodil

Now that Maude Egerton King's grave has been cleared, I have decided to plant some bulbs there.  Remembering the words of Maude's poem 'Young Tree in Spring', I have planted some daffodils:

I grew aware of life, an inner fire
            Of memory and belief
Ran upwards, outwards, in a great desire,
             And lo! Then leaf by leaf,
Remembering my other springs, I rose;
And earth around remembers too, and grows            
            Into her ancient grace,
With ‘here my daisies – there before it froze
            A tiny rill did race.’
The wild young wind that ever caught me so
            Still takes me at his will,-
The dark, sweet violet, still hiding low, 
And over the hedge in golden dance and glow
            The jocund daffodil,-
The bird that in my budding branches sings,
            The happy, happy bird,
A creature careless, being blessed with wings,
How far a-field his mid-air foothold swings (extract)

Hopefully the flowers will come up this Spring and multiply for plenty more to come.  I do hope that she likes them!  I think her grave now looks a little more loved.  The bulbs planted are: Narcissus 'Bittern', Narcissus 'Rippling Waters' and Mascari 'White Magic'.


  1. What a lovely thing to do for Maude and her daughter! It must make you feel a strong connection to her.

  2. Thanks DW. I'm enjoying looking after the grave... at the moment at least. I need to check whether the bulbs are in flower now.


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