Thursday, 12 May 2016

Haslemere Peasant Arts article, Country Life 11 May 2016!!

The Haslemere Peasant Arts has featured in Country Life magazine twice:

  • 27 August 1910 an article featuring Sandhouse the home of Joseph and Maude Egerton King c.1910-1922 
  • 15th April 1982 when the plasterwork in the attic at the Tapestry Studio in Kings Road, Haslemere was re-discovered - which I blogged about here - and they described Hill Farm, Camelsdale the home of Joseph and Maude King c.1923-1930 - which was included in this post
So I am quite surprised but excited that this week's Country Life magazine features a 5 page spread on the Haslemere Peasant Arts movement.  It provides a current view of the Haslemere Peasant Arts movement and the activities underway at the Haslemere Educational Museum to recognise the status of the collection they hold.

Country Life, 11 May 2016

Part of the 5 page spread in Country Life, 11 May 2016,
resting on Arbor Vitae

I wonder what Maude would have made of it.   Her grave was looking more cheerful last week although I fear that a number of daffodils have been strimmed away, and the brambles are re-sprouting fast.

Maude Egerton King's grave,
St Bartholomew's cemetery, Haslemere


  1. he Country Life article really makes the Peasant Movement come alive in the 21st Century and put it in perspective. So well done the Haslemere Museum and well done you- Kate for all your extensive research and bringing the Peasant movement to the wider internet audience.
    The Country Life is a 'must read'

  2. I must go and buy a copy! As Dunc says, well done to you and to the Museum for keeping the memory of the Peasant Artists alive.

  3. Thanks! It's exciting to have a recent article published on the Haslemere Peasant Arts, and in such a prominent publication.


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