Monday, 26 December 2011

A Peasant Xmas!

Having a last minute gift tag disaster, I quickly knocked up some tags using a few Christmas-like images from Godfrey Blount's Arbor Vitae and Ethel Blount's Gifts of St Nicholas.  Combined with our printer having a fondness for green, we quickly had some reasonably passable festive gift tags.

I am not sure the Blounts would have approved, but they looked quite nice.

Merry Christmas!

Images from Blount, Godfrey, Arbor Vitae, 1899 and Blount, Ethel, Gifts of St Nicholas


  1. They are brilliant! I`m sure the Blounts would have approved, especially as you live where they created so much of their art.

  2. Thank you! Maybe next Christmas there will be some Peasant Arts Christmas cards issued by Haslemere Museum.


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