Wednesday, 21 December 2011

St Christopher's Church & Arthur Romney Green's chair

As well as designing the altar table for St Christopher's Church, Arthur Romney Green (A.R.G.) also designed the altar chair.  The chair displays Green's distinguishable design traits, through the geometric seat back to the carved back uprights and arm supports.  The shaping on the legs is reminiscent of the shaping of the altar table legs, however it is closer in design to the Gimson 1906 chair legs of my previous post, although ARG's chair dates I believe from 1903, the same year as the altar table.

Altar chair, by Arthur Romney Green c.1903  

Altar chair, by Arthur Romney Green c.1903

Altar chair detail, by Arthur Romney Green c.1903
The 'dash' design that borders the chair arms, seat, rail and base is repeated on the front oak choir stalls, suggesting therefore that these are also from A.R.G.'s Foundry Meadow workshop.

Choir stall, St Christopher's Church
possibly designed by Arthur Romney Green
A.R.G. has chairs in other churches, most notably at Christchurch Priory where this ceremonial chair (c.1926) is in the Lady Chapel.
Ceremonial chair by Arthur Romney Green,
Christchurch Priory from 
Elkin, Susan, Life to the Lees:
A Biography of Arthur Romney Green
, The Cromwell Press Limited, 1998

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