Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Adopt a piece of Haslemere's Peasant Art collection

The Haslemere Educational Museum holds many works by the Peasant Arts movement, and also the peasant artifacts collected by them from across Europe that formed the Peasant Arts Museum.  The staff at the museum could not have been more helpful in assisting me in researching Haslemere's Peasant Arts movement.  The museum now have a scheme called 'Adopt an Object' which looks like a really fun idea to help support the museum which is responsible for raising all of its own funds.

Dutch Footwarmer c.1700
Haslemere Educational Museum
On the list of objects you can adopt is this Dutch Footwarmer c.1700, part of the original Peasant Arts Collection, up for adoption for £50.  The promotional material says that you can contact the museum to discuss supporting an object that is not on their list.

Not Peasant Arts related I am afraid, but my favourite object on their list is Arthur the bear.

Arthur the bear,
Haslemere Educational Museum

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