Friday, 2 November 2012

Hungarian folk art & the peasant influence

On a recent short trip to Budapest I was struck by the prominence of folk art in the tourist spots, contrasting with the absence of handmade textiles back in Haslemere, Surrey.  The Hungarian tradition of handmade crafts has stood the test of time much better than the small Haslemere movement which did not manage to engage much of the Haslemere population for very long, let alone span the country.

It is clear that the Kings and Blounts were influenced by the peasant art of central Europe and in some of the latter day handicrafts of Hungary, this influence is still evident.  The textile colours reminded me of the bright blue vegetable dyed fabrics from the Peasant Arts movement.  The simple decoration of the mezeskalacs (gingerbread biscuits) design showing a symmetry of two doves reminded me of some of Godfrey Blount's compositions.  It was lovely to chance across various pieces of folk art whilst casually walking around the city.

Hollo Muhely,
Vitkovics Mihaly u.12

Folk Flowers,

Memories of Hungary shop,
Bazilika, Budapest

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