Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Arthur Romney Green Table & Chair

There is a very special table and chair currently for sale by Arthur Romney Green.  The geometric patterns are typical Arthur Romney Green trademarks.  I like the way the hexagonal table top, decorated by diamonds is supported by a tripod shape and three legs.  Lots of geometry.  The angled table legs are echoed in the slope of the chair back.  It's difficult to see from the photograph, but the table top must be covered in the diamond design which is on the table legs and the chair seat and support.
Arthur Romney Green chair and table
for sale at Haslam & Whiteway Ltd

Interestingly, the write up on the Haslam & Whiteway Ltd website says that these items are "From a group of furniture currently in the ownership of Arthur Grogan, for many years the curator of Standen, the National Trust House by Philip Webb...This piece was one of the pieces commissioned from him (Arthur Romney Green) by the Mathers, who in the first case purchased a boat from him but who ultimately became his life long Friends.  Richard Mather and his wife Marie ordered a set of dinning room furniture from Green whilst living in Blackeath c 1915.  Later they bought a house in Dulwich and Green was commissioned to furnish it throughout.  It was in fact the only house that he completely furnished in his career."  Susan Elkin (Life to the Lees, 1998, The Cromwell Press, Wiltshire) writes that when Arthur Romney Green buried his partner Bertha (in 1942) she was wearing "Marie Mather's shawl"

The write-up acknowledges that the chair is illustrated in Elkin's book, which is where I recognized the image from.  
Arthur Romney Green chair
from Elkin, S, Life to the Lees, 1998, The Cromwell Press

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