Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Further plans to demolish Kings Road's heritage

This is slightly off-piste, but just to highlight the continual threat to the heritage of Kings Road, Haslemere.  It is the deadline tomorrow, 4th January 2013, for comments on a planning application that has been submitted countless times: to demolish a Victorian house, no.34 Kings Road, and to replace it and it's large garden bordering the stream by the railway line with a block of 9 flats and car park.  Planning proposal WA/2012/1917

This is an application by a development company.  The Victorian house is currently lived in by a family.  Next door to the house is the large Doyle Court flats (built c. 7 years ago), and next to Doyle Court is the Weaving House, and then the Old Studio.  Both of these lovely old buildings are somewhat dwarfed by the large modern flats.  To have another set of flats dominating the road would be shame for all the residents I think.

34 Kings Road,
proposed for demolition
34 Kings Road, Haslemere
existing building map

Proposed flats at 34 Kings Road, Haslemere
34 Kings Road, Haslemere
proposed flat & car park plan

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  1. Hi Kate,

    My name's Jennifer and I'm a reporter at the Surrey Adevertiser. Iam writing an article on the plans to grant permission for the demolition of this building tomorrow.

    Could you possibly give me a call to have a quick chat about the historical significance of the building?

    My number is 07822862619.

    Kind regards,



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