Friday, 11 October 2013

Peasant Literature

I am attempting to create a bibliography of the books, journal articles and references written by or about  the Haslemere artists on Kings Road, Haslemere c.1900:

  • Godfrey Blount
  • Ethel Blount
  • Joseph King
  • Maude Egerton King
  • Greville MacDonald
  • Luther Hooper
  • Arthur Romney Green
This is under-construction (I am not sure when it will ever be fully completed!) on a separate page 'Literature'.  Where there is an online copy of the book or journal, it is hyperlinked into the reference.


  1. Quite a task-It would be much appreciated and worthwhile-well done(again!!)

  2. Thanks Dunc. It is handy for me to have them all in one place, and who knows someone else might be looking for this literature too!


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