Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Reredos at the Country Church, Kings Road, Haslemere

The picture of this reredos has been hard to find as the online version of the Art Journal (February 1911) is so badly scanned that the page is black apart from the altar cloth design.  Having only seen this as a black page previously I was pretty blown away by the picture.  The woodwork is incredibly detailed and was clearly painted a number of colours.

Reredos of Carved and Painted Wood in the Country Church, Haslemere,
designed by Godfrey Blount
from Art Journal, February 1911

The Country Church building was also known as St George's Hall and stood where St Georges Flats now stand on Kings Road.

East End Recess of the Country Church,
designed and modelled in plaster by Godfrey Blount
from Art Journal, February 1911


  1. What an amazing discovery! Such unusual and beautiful and detailed works-Well done again for finding this!!

  2. How stunning that was, and what a beautiful building too, by the look of the East End recess. Please tell me that the Reredos was saved . . .

  3. Thank you. Yes the building does look quite elegant from these photographs, which was not the impression I had previously of an ex-industrial building. I'm afraid we don't know where the Reredos is now, hopefully it wasn't used for firewood!


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