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Peasant Shopping - Part 7 - the 1930s

Winter (Around Haslemere, Tempus Publishing Limited, 2002) describes the old photograph of the Peasant Arts shop in Haslemere High Street:

Haslemere Weaving and Handicrafts Shop
Haslemere High Street
from Around Haslemere, Winter, T.,
Tempus Publishing Limited, 2002

"This little shop was at the north end of the lovely old house hung with fish-scale tiles next to Well Lane,  During the early part of the twentieth century it had been a favourite place for children when it was a sweet shop.  By the time this postcard was published in the late 1930s (note the air-raid precaution tape across the windows to stop the glass shattering) it was the showroom of Haslemere Weaving and Handicrafts.  The proprietor was E. Hosslin and the workrooms where cotton and linen goods were made, known as the Weaving House, were at Tythe Patch behind the post office.  More recent;y this building was used by both the Haslemere Players and the Thespians for rehearsals and scenery work, but was partially destroyed by fire in August 1997."

Haslemere Weaving Notice, 1933
reproduced courtesy of Haslemere Educational Museum

The Three Limes was a popular tea room and is now a number of different properties including the Haslemere Sweet Shop.  It's interesting to note the incidence of the number three side by side: the Three Limes and then the Three Shuttles.  It would appear from literature produced by E. Hosslin in 1933 that weaving continued at 113 Kings Road, and then at some later date it must have moved to the Weaving House just off the High Street in Haslemere, by the Waitrose car park, that is referred to by Winter (ibid.) above.  I have not been able to find out anything about the history of that Weaving House.  The building remains, although it has been rebuilt to some degree following the fire.

The Three Limes, Haslemere, 1937
old postcard from eBay
A partial glimpse of The Three Shuttles building on the far right
The Three Limes, Haslemere
from Around Haslemere and Hindhead in Old
, Winter, T & Collyer, G.,
Allan Sutton Publishing Group,

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