Friday, 6 February 2015

Peasant Shops - sentimental memories

There seems to be little reference to Peasant Shops in the media.  A review of newspaper archives identified a few references which highlight the perception of the Peasant Shop in the 1920s and then 1940s.

In the Aberdeen Journal (27 October 1923) a review of The House of Hope by M. W, Cannan describes the impression of her work by referencing a peasant shop: “Her work rarely falls to an uncomfortable depth, but, on the other hand, it never astonishes by its beauty…This is uncomfortably sentimental, and as pretentious in its pseudo-simplicity as a rich woman’s “restored” country cottage.  Here the atmosphere of the lyrics is lost, and one that reminds us of women’s movements, “peasant” shops, and garden cities discovered instead.”

During the war in 1943, Sylvan Flakes were advertising their products using a nostalgic reference to the 'Peasant Shop' as seen in the Nottingham Evening Post (21 August 1943).

"Organdie Luncheon Set

No coupons could buy it, so wash it with gentle Sylvan Flakes

Remember the ‘Peasant Shop?’  Through its bow window that fine Edelweiss embroidery completely captivated you.  What a good thing you bought those lovely luncheon mats when you did!

Today you should wash them, along with other special treasures, in the gentle lather of Sylvan Flakes.  These rich, pure soap flakes are ideally suited for washing the most delicate fabrics, whether they are made of fine cotton, silk, wool, or linen.

In fact, it is now a popular war-time economy to save Sylvan Flakes for just your most valued possessions, the ‘extra specials’ which cannot be replaced.  You still get three ounces of Sylvan Flakes for one coupon. "

from Nottingham Evening Post
21 August 1943

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