Saturday, 11 February 2017

St Christopher's Church at the V&A - the Curtains

Back in January 2013 I wrote (in this post) about my discovery that the silk damask curtains or 'furnishing fabric' designed by Luther Hooper for St Christopher's Church are at the Victoria & Albert Museum.  There were no photographs of the fabric, just the description: "silk damask. With a design of clover leaves alternating with the monogram 'I.H.S', set in gothic ogives which are combined with palmette and beaded band  ornament in white on a red ground" (V&A website entry here)

Seeing the fabric itself, I quickly concluded that it was not in any of the photographs that I had seen of St Christopher's Church.  The colours were vibrant, and the 'white background' seemed to be more like silver.  I wonder where in the church this fabric would have been?  I have just come across a postcard of the church in 1904 where there is a curtain across the top window, maybe this is a curtain of the fabric?

St Christopher's Church postcard c.1904

The V&A have added photographs of the damask that are better than mine, but they have photographed the damask with the 'IHS' back to front!

Luther Hooper silk damask
made for St Christopher's Church
T.35-1953, Victoria & Albert Museum

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