Saturday, 11 February 2017

St Christopher's Church at the V&A - Vineyard poplins

One of the Luther Hooper pieces I saw at the Victoria & Albert Museum's Clothworkers Hall was not attributed to St Christopher's Church, but the motifs in the fabric were reminiscent of St Christopher's Church Vineyard Poplin woven hanging by the St Edmundsbury Weaving Works (which I posted on here).  This woven silk sample is described by the V&A as a 17th century design.

Luther Hooper silk damask
T.274-1970, Victoria & Albert Museum

The vine leaves, grapes, corn and what could be a corncrake?  Which is exactly the same content as on the Vineyard Poplin.  The corncrake hiding in the corn looks a bit odd in the Luther Hooper silk, but I cannot make out what else it could be?

Vineyard Poplin, St Edmundsbury Weaving Works
St Christopher's Church, Haslemere

Luther Hooper silk damask
T.274-1970 Victoria & Albert Museum

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