Friday, 23 March 2012

St Christopher's Church & the Foundry Meadow artisans: Part 2

I would just like to return to St. Christopher's Church to conclude on the items that originated from Foundry Meadow.  There are no identified pieces of work by what I call the Peasant Arts movement - the Kings' Haslemere Weaving Industry and the Blounts' various Peasant Industries.

However we did identify two pieces by Arthur Romney Green: the altar chair and altar table.  Arthur Romney Green had his workshop in Foundry Meadow at the time the pieces were produced.  Both pieces are still in situ.

We also found that there had been a number of Luther Hooper hangings: a wool hanging dividing the choir vestry and chancel and silk altar curtains.  There is no trace of any Luther Hooper work at the church.

Holy table by Arthur Romney Green, altar curtains by Luther Hooper(Nicholson, C., and Spooner, C., Recent Eccelesiastical Architecture, Technical Journals Ltd., London, c.1910)

Altar chair, by Arthur Romney Green c.1903

Luther Hooper wool hanging for St Christopher's Church from
Hand-loom weaving, plain & ornamental,
Pitman & Sons, London, 1920

Curtain of Woollen Tissue, St Christopher's Church,
designed by Luther Hooper, woven by Percy C. Hooper,
from Art Journal, February 1911

Portion of Silk Damask, Side Curtain to Altar,
St. Christopher's, Haslemere
designed by Luther Hooper
from Art Journal, February 1911


  1. The Romney Green chair looks so beautifully crafted.

    Strangely enough, we tried to visit the Priory Church at Christchurch today, to look for Romney Green`s work in there, but there was a funeral in progress so we couldn`t go in.

  2. It's a shame you couldn't get into the Priory Church. We made a visit to Catherington Church a few weeks ago to see ARG's lychgate, that's my next post! It was very interesting.


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