Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Vineyard - a beginning - Part 3

Maude goes on to conclude the first editorial with:

by Godfrey Blount, from The Vineyard

"So much for The Vineyard's purpose.  And now, for the sake of honesty from the start, we will try to formulate our faith - and the faith indeed of many contemporary reformers who we hope will some day find us worthy to be numbered of their company.  If we learned it first in the teaching of the prophets of all time, the need of our own day has confirmed it as that by which alone men and nations do really live.

We believe in the soul of man and in the brain of man and in the hand his servant and schoolmaster.  We believe that our day's divorcing of mind from its ancient handicraft, of peasant husbandry from the soil, and of the soul from its native serving, is undoing us.  We believe that what is true can never die, though it be often drugged into sleep and dragged in the mire.  We believe in God ; that the Spirit is supreme ; that Man shall rise from the grave ; that Love is the fulfilling of the Law and the Master of all the Arts."

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