Sunday, 20 September 2015

Haslemere Walking Festival - Peasant Arts walk - Saturday 26th September

I am taking part in the first Haslemere Walking Festival which is taking place next weekend.  I am doing my Peasant Arts walk, which is around the outside (note: not the inside!) of the Haslemere Peasant Arts buildings on Kings Road, Foundry Lane and Longdene Road.

Haslemere Walking Festival 2015

I am not planning on doing any further Peasant Arts walks. I am all "walked out", so I am thinking that this is my last Peasant Arts walk.  It would be lovely to have some interested people to talk to about our interesting Peasant Arts heritage.

The vitals!

The booking form and e-mail details are available here.

The Weaving House, Kings Road
from The Craftsman, January 1902


  1. This is a fascinating website and clearly represents a vast amount of original research. I am interested in the Peasant Arts Society because I am working on the diaries of Violet Dickinson, who visited the workshop in Haslemere in 1912 (I can send you the relevant quotation from her diary but it is only a few lines long I'm afraid). The Dickinsons were also very enthusiastic about Stallworthy(?) pottery from Haslemere - do you know anything about this? Violet's father was a noted London art dealer specializing in oriental pottery.

  2. Hi Jeremy

    This all sounds very interesting. I'll have to look into any Violet Dickinson connections. My e-mail is , I'd love to see the diary entry. Stallworthy pottery was the HAMMER VALE POTTERY, business of W.W. Stallworthy and Radley Young 1901-1911. I don't know much about the pottery and I haven't seen much of a write up on it. They hold some of the works at the Haslemere museum.


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