Monday, 28 September 2015

Haslemere Walking Festival - Peasant Walk 26th Sept

We had a lovely walk on Saturday as part of the first Haslemere Walking Festival.  It was a warm and sunny Indian Summer day.  Numbers were limited to 20, but with only 4 people booked(!) that was not a problem.  In the end there were 8 of us which was a fantastic number as everyone was talking to each other, and much better than a large crowd!  Perhaps I will do another walk with such intimate numbers again in the future after all...

Sarah Tyssen, the talented weaver of The Weaving House, helped the subject come alive as she set out two tables on Kings Road of old photographs, copies of The Vineyard, arts and crafts books containing photographs of the Haslemere Peasant Industries and even some homegrown grapes, all exhibited on top of her wonderful woven rugs.  Sarah's website is here.

Outside the Weaving House,
Haslemere Walking Festival 2015

It was also nice to admire the new Blue Plaque at Green Bushes, following it's unveiling two week's previous.   There is a write up of the plaque on the Haslemere Society website here.  I will have to share more details of the blue plaque in another post.

Blue Plaque unveiling,
Haslemere Herald, 18 September 2015
Green Bushes Weaving House,
Blue Plaque, awarded September 2015

Thank you to those who came along for the walk.  It was good talking to you all.

Walk leaflet, Haslemere Walking Festival 2015

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