Saturday, 12 September 2015

Maude Egerton King's second grave stone and her neighbours

Thanks to a very helpful volunteer of St Bartholomew's Church, I have found a lot more out about Maude Egerton King's position in St Bartholomew's Cemetery following on from my previous post.   This included the very unexpected outcome that Maude's grave marker that I had found previously was not actually in the correct place, and that there was another gravestone for Maude hidden in the overgrowth nearby.

Maude Egerton King's grave, St Bartholomew's Cemetery,

Maude's wooden grave marker had been propped up against her brother, William Egerton Hine's gravestone at location S14.  However Maude's grave was actually one row in front of her brother, at T14.   It would appear that a new grave stone was erected when Maude and Joseph King's only child, Katharine King, died in 1976 and she was buried with her mother.

Maude Egerton King and Katharine King's grave,
St Bartholomew's Cemetery, Haslemere
Sadly the actual grave is so overgrown that the stone cannot be easily seen.  There is quite a crop blackberries.  

Maude Egerton King's grave, St Bartholomew's Cemetery,

Maude has a number of friends to keep her company in the cemetery:
Looking from Godfrey Blount's unmarked grave, to his
sister Mary Catherine Blount's grave and
beyond to Elizabeth Mary Hine and Gertrude Mary With's grave,
St Bartholomew's cemetery, Haslemere
  • diagonally opposite her and next to Maude's brother William Egerton Hine and his wife Edith (at T14) is Phoebe MacDonald, the wife of Greville MacDonald (at T15).  Phoebe also died in 1927.  There is no marker on her grave.
  • her sister Elizabeth Mary Hine is buried earlier in the cemetery at O10.  Elizabeth died in 1922 in Hambledon.  In probate she left "effects of £443 19s 11d of Green Bushes, Haslemere probate to Maude Egerton King".  Elizabeth shares the grave with her sister, Gertrude Mary With (nee Hine) who died in 1946 in Hampshire
  • her brother-in-law Godfrey Blount is buried in an unmarked grave at sister Ethel Blount (nee Hine) is buried at M8, a few rows in front of Maude's sisters.  Here also lie the ashes of "Leslie 1958", I am not sure who that is?
  • at N7, a plot directly opposite Elizabeth and Gertrude, lies Mary Catherine Blount (1853-1917?), Godfrey Blount's sister
    Elizabeth Mary Hine and
    Gertrude Mary With's
    Mary Catherine Blount's grave


  1. I`m so pleased that you have found them!
    My father, then a young boy, remembers watching Godfrey Blount`s funeral procession going along the road towards the town. He described it as if from a height, so I wonder if he was watching from the High Pavement? Blount was in a simple wooden ( willow?) coffin on a car drawn by a donkey. As near a peasant funeral as he could have.

  2. Thank you, I remember your memorable description of this from when you told me some years ago. It really conjures up a scene. Blount died at St Cross, Keydown Road, which is just off the far end of Derby Road, and the cemetery is at the other end of Derby Road. However he may have done a circuit?


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